ARCHITERRA SA - Real Estate Development


Founded in 2006, Architerra SA is a Swiss-based company specialised in mid-scale real estate project developments, planning and management. Architerra SA aims at specifically answering to the needs of private and institutional clients who want to invest and expand within the European Community.


Complemented by the expertise of its Parent Company Suis’state Ltd (, Architerra SA tackles and fulfills the particular requirements and procedures bound to local real-estate transactions within the European market pool with an exclusive “Swiss approach”. Fully focused on thorough investment control, longterm profitability and rigorous risk management, mandates are undertaken in the light of highly customised services in the fields of real estate analysis, evaluation, marketing and management.


At Architerra SA we are proud to run each and every development project in the light of a thorough assessment of the environmental performance of the buildings throughout their entire lifecycle, taking into serious account the use of resources such as energy, materials and water. We strongly believe that every real estate company, no matter what size it is, can play an active role in the global business community and can promote a constructive policy in favour of sustainable development solutions.


Architerra SA provides access to and management of unlisted real estate objects selected from a broad universe of projects in the European Community. Amongst other engagements, which Architerra SA selects according to the high and rapid return of investment, the next and oncoming project is based in the city centre of Brussels, Belgium. For further information, please contact us.